A response to the newsletter

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A response to the newsletter

Beitrag von watmm » Do 23. Nov 2017, 19:43

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your Fusion-less summer, despite the shitty
weather, and managed to find somewhere else to party. Maybe you used the
time to experience something different

I did, it's called Nowhere Festival, and i've literally just discovered next year Fusion ends the day before Nowhere begins :cry:
This is a major physical and emotional investment to do both, but if fate dictates, i will try!

Of course dates can't be changed but i just wanted to let any organisers who might be reading this to know just how special both these festivals are, if it's ever possible to make them work in harmony in the future.

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Re: A response to the newsletter

Beitrag von Zarellamitzett » Mi 30. Mai 2018, 17:06

I am going to go Fusion AND Nowhere! Am I the only one????