Tickets 2019

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Tickets 2019

Beitrag von Jafrican » Do 18. Okt 2018, 20:49

Hello everybody
I read that you have to register for tickets, that your name get's thrown into a hat and if you're lucky then you might get one.
How does it work if you want to go to the festival with friends from another country? So I put my name in the hat, my girl puts her name in the hat and our friends from Norway put their names in the hat. What are the chances that all four of us will get a ticket?? I think that's just weird, oder habe ich was falsch verstanden??

marlo verwahrlost
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Re: Tickets 2019

Beitrag von marlo verwahrlost » Fr 19. Okt 2018, 08:53

I cant tell you about the chances. Too many unknown factors and I'm bad in maths.
All I can tell you, is that you and your peepz have to register and that you can form a clique, so if you win, all of you win

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Re: Tickets 2019

Beitrag von Wigoo » Fr 19. Okt 2018, 09:21

Hi Jafrican!
You and your friends have to register for next years Fusion in December. I don't know the deadline exacly, make sure to register before Christmas. Everyone of you needs a separate account.
The ticketing website (which is down at the moment) let's all of you form a clique. Doing that doesn't impact your chance to win, but will grant everybody in your group a ticket, if you win.
I can't tell you the chance to win. It depends on how many people register.

Good luck!
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