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I was asked to record a podcast for this festival where I'm booked this summer. It's in the Netherlands and it's called Ibiza At The Lake.
Well, I have never been to Ibiza and I have only Fusion Festival in my mind the last couple of weeks. While I recorded this mix, the only thing I could think about was imaging myself dancing at the Bachstelzen stage. So, if the organisation and the crowd expect Ibiza style, they can shake it. I will create my own Bachstelzen area for a couple of hours durng my set and will look how that works out in Holland. :)

But I wanted to share it with you, so I hope you'll like it and will have a great week at Fusion.

https://soundcloud.com/luukkielen/luuk- ... t-the-lake


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Re: Podcast

Beitrag von Alexander » Sa 30. Apr 2016, 12:03

Where can I subscribe the podcast?
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