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Mix to remember Fusion

Verfasst: Fr 18. Jul 2014, 09:24
von kielen
We were asked to record a mix for this nice Dutch party organisation. Like every year we went to Fusion Festival and we love all stages, but especially the Bachstelzen Area.
So, when we were asked to make this podcast, we were still with our minds in Lärz. We decided to make this one in Fusion style and also to share it with you. It contains a lot of tracks we heard during the festival that made us dance and smile.
Let's say this; if we would have been playing at Fusion, this would be our set.
We hope you'll like it. Enjoy! ... en-walk-on

Re: Mix to remember Fusion

Verfasst: Sa 26. Jul 2014, 14:37
von sunshineMB
Wow, thanks! I really enjoyed this mix. It takes me back to the good vibes of the festival.

Re: Mix to remember Fusion

Verfasst: So 17. Aug 2014, 11:49
von fernsehturm
Es klingt super! Danke!